Florita's Miami Bar and Tropical Garden, Collingwood Street,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear | T: 0191 261 8271

Miami wild child and international socialite Florita has been causing havoc on Collingwood Street for a while now, and made a bit of a name for herself on the now famous Diamond Strip, now home to the likes of Madame Koo and the oh so famous House of Smith. A Newcastle night out has never been the same since Florita came to town!

We know that you're all suckers for her forthright attitude on how a proper night out should be, showered in cocktails, delivered champagne and given the best service Newcastle has to offer. She even hosts her very own Happy Hour midweek with live music and table service!

Come in from the cold and hey presto you might as well be in Miami. With a VIP suite graced by the likes of Gaga, the sexiest dance floor, a huge outdoor garden complete with live music, cold beers and sun-drenched beats.

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